[Cynful] New Release Cuteh Stuffies o/

[Cynful] presents more NEW RELEASES!! Even more sexy clothing for the ladies of Second Life with some added sizzle for Summer!

Available in 20 Colors!!

Available in 14 Colors!

Available in 7 Different Colors!

Available in 7 Colors & 2 Cuff Styles!

Available in 7 Colors & 2 Cuff Styles o/

Our [Cynful] Modeling Contest & Fashion Show was a raving success! Special thanks are due to all of our clients/friends and beautiful women who participated! Our judges were absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Vixie Rayna, Jewell Munro, Vasean Talamasca our wonderful judges who selected 5 Winners! We now have 3 Elite [Cynful] Models that have been featured in the ads above o/ Please Welcome IndurA Moyet, Melisande Metaluna and Envy Canucci to our fam!! Also, as a special surprise we added Nicci Singh and Colleen Bracken as [Cynful] Models! Thank you once again and keep an eye out for these ladies around the grid.  [Cynful] is really getting sexy!!


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