[Cynful]…It is not just for women Anymore! Special *New* Releases

[Cynful] Clothing’s Founder Cynthia Ultsch has decided that the men and children on the grid are absolutely correct…there simply are not enough quality fashion items designed with them in mind!  Today marked a new beginning at [Cynful] Clothing & Co. with many new releases for women, men and children! The [Cyn City] Shopping Plaza is quickly on it’s way to becoming a one stop shopping experience for everyone in your family or group of friends…from boots to tats to accessories to home items to the hottest clothing line on the grid this is one spot you might want to try to set home to 😛 Drum Roll please…..this week’s releases need a large movie like intro!…

Party Bus to the NEW RELEASES.. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ooot%20Ooot/77/84/22

Gentlemen come on down so we can all enjoy the pleasure of zooming…erm your company in the newest release from [Cynful], the Sky Hoodie! Not only are the details amazing they fit perfectly lending a high quality item to the world of men’s fashion! The Sky Hoodie is available in both the Closed & V-Neck Version and in 8 Different Colors!

Calling all Peanuts! We love love love our children and now they can look adorbs in the new [Cynful] Sky Hoodie! Perfect match to Mom & Dad’s for your next family photo just do not forget to stop at our sister store, CnS-emotion, for the pose o/

Available in 6 Different Colors!

Winter Fashion and keeping warm does not mean you have to look puffy …well not from [Cynful] anyway! Rock this cute new Sky Hoodie with pockets to keep your hands warm or the cleavage version to keep your partner warm 😛

Each hoodie comes in both the Cleavage & Closed Version – Available in 10 Different Colors!

Yesssssss just in time for all of those yummy yummy new skin releases from various designers on the grid the [Cynful] Shape line has a new addition, Carry! Smoldering hot and a cute booty to match she is rocking the jungle in [Cynful]’s Kini!

This new [Cynful] & Co. Leather top is both sexy and sweet while paired with our new Leather Skirt or Jeans or leggings the mix and match possibilities are endless but the overall effect is just plain hot o/

Available in 7 Different Colors!

Can we say RAWRS? This hot new [Cynful] & Co. Leather Skirt can be rocked at the club, on a date or just about anywhere you want to feel sexy. Available in 7 Different Colors!

The new [Cynful] & Co. Buckle Boots are not only easily re-sized for the perfect fit, but also match any outfit with a quick click for the color change menu!

Your limo awaits http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ooot%20Ooot/77/84/22

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