[Cynful] New Releases & GifTyS!!

 New Sim, New Landmark, New Dollarbies, New Giftys OHHHHMAI 😀
               Cynthia and Beer have been hard at work for over a month to make your [Cynful] experience even better!
            We have a NEW & IMPROVED easy to use gift card system, as well as, a Re-Delivery System!!
                                                ¯(º_o)/¯ *Marches around Triumphantly*   ¯(º_o)/¯
                         Hrms? Why does it matter? Pftt because now no one has to wait if SL eats something!
                         Simply click the re-delivery terminal and viola!!! There are your items!
     Want to send a gift? Click the item, type the name in main chat and BAM! You rocked the gift department!
                                        Questions (⊙…⊙ ) ?? Just call Gracie Kangjon for help!



➊             First, our newest release 😮 Patterned Hoodies o/ Get Funky with your Warm Self!
                   Each Hoodie comes with 2 different versions to show off the girls or hide them 😛

Available in 7 Different Patterns!

➋                     Second, a sexy new dress perfect for that first date or shopping with girlfriends 😮
       Can our closets ever have enough sexy black dresses? Um NO 😛 Is like shEEEeeeWWs never enough!

Available in 6 Colors!

➌  Marilyn kicked it off the sexy beauty mark..RaWrs baby!! Now get your own in 4 different shades to match                    any skin/hair type!


➍   Valentine’s Day is Monday!! OMGAH Did you forget?? You better get something snappy otherwise no  holiday…. erm celebrations for you on the couch 😛
     ❤ [Cynful] Shoppers are our valentines we did this double gifty that includes the CnS-emotion pose ❤

Included: Both Male & Female Outfits & The Pose :)

➎                    😮 Think we forgot about the new dollarbie for February? Nope Cynneh didn’t!
                                             She made something for both the men AND ladies!!!
                    This month’s dollarbie is a cuteh hoodie with a skull that comes in both versions shown! 


Enjoy Valentine’s Day Everyone! xoxo

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