Mannequin’s are out of control at [Cynful]

After rezzing into the Ooot Ooot sim.. you can see there was something wrong..

after checking out the CnS pose store.. we definitely know there was something wrong..

so.. the journey continued and we went to check [Cynful]


there was definitely something wrong!

Shortly after this picture was taken.. the ground below us fell down.. we were left hanging in the air..

Luckily we spotted the culprit in action..

and we were able to put the sim back to order.. but be careful with those mannequins.. they like to rebel*

*this blog was temporarily taken over as an April Fool’s Day prank by 3 lovely children of the one and only owner of [Cynful], who also like to be rebels from time to time.. but completely love and support their mother!

Please check out the new build at the Ooot Ooot sim and make sure you check out all the great items that were released this weekend!

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