Exciting Weekend!

Not only is it time for new releases but we are also excited to be celebrating our

3rd Anniversary of [Cynful]

and our 4th Anniversary of CnS e-motion!

We would love to give you your own personal invitation to the party!

Starting today from 10am until 4pm SLT! Please click on invite below to join us!

For those of you who are fans of the Strapless Overall, here’s a sexy alternative for times you want to dress up and show some skin! :)

Casual, Sexy or any other Style is possible with this new Strapless Dress!!

Available in 12 different Colors!
Also available on Marketplace (please click on item for link to MP)


A very sweet and sexy flower tattoo that comes in all possible layers!

Please be sure to come and party with us as we will be having some very sexy and FREE gifts for your enjoyment!  Here’s a sneak peak!


These gifts are just from [Cynful] and CnS e-motion.. but dont forget to pick up from:

Energie, MG, ::HH::, Belleza, Legal Insanity, blog this, MEYA, Sweet Sin and many more waiting for you!

So please make sure ya dont miss this taxi!  Click on our logo below for ya ride!

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