[Cynful] Clothing & Co. New Releases & Group Gift!

We have been getting our swag on while Cyn has been living in PS coming up with new designs to hug those bootys and make the ladies of SL look sexier then ever!


In some parts of the world the leaves are changing color along with the temperatures! The NEW [Cynful] Vale Sweatshirt Dress with partial mesh is perfect for showing off your curves!  Bundling up does not mean you have to look frumpy or hide what your momma gave ya! This dress is available in 12 solid colors and 12 sheer colors! 



Also, for our boobie loving girls the [Cynful] Vale Sweatshirt Dress appliers are also being released today!  The appliers will work with the MCI, ECORP, IBOOBS and LOLA! brands.  Please be aware this is not the entire outfit but rather the layer to wear along with the prim attachment and outfit making it possible for everything to fit properly. 


                                            ¯(º_o)/¯ anddddddddddddddd now for the GIFT news!
We are putting the [Cynful] T-Dress in Yellow in our Update Group as a Gift! Simply click join in stores and receive your free [Cynful] T-Dress in Yellow! Join the group and keep in the know with all of the new releases, sales, gifts and fair items!


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