[Cynful] Clothing Joins The My Attic Special Event!

Falling Into You My Attic Event at The Deck Shopping Plaza

October 21 – 31, 2012

The My Attic Event the is Falling Into You which embraces those moments when everything is new and exciting and you discover the person with whom you are meant to spend time or perhaps a special place to visit! Whatever is around the next corner make sure your closet is prepared!!

[Cynful] Clothing & Co. has released the new Vale’s Sweater Dress in three special Fall colors with three different color bra options!

This partial mesh dress includes the appliers but the appliers do not include the bra option.  The appliers will work with the MCI, ECORP, IBOOBS and LOLA! brands.  Please be aware this is not the entire outfit but rather the layer to wear along with the prim attachment and outfit making it possible for everything to fit properly.


Happy Shopping,

♥ Cyn

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