[Cynful] Clothing & Co. New Release – Zia 2.0 Mesh Jeans


There isn’t anything better then the perfect pair of jeans.  Mesh jeans? Yes, they look amazing moving with your body but what exactly is the diaper you get along with it? Or that baggy bunch of excess material between your legs?!? Where did our shape go? We cannot allow our hineys to be hidden any longer!

Shed the diaper and material and experience what mesh should feel like as you slink through the room showing off your curves…  After all that is what feeling [Cynful] is all about!

One of our most popular jeans is the Zia but they have been reborn into meshy deliciousness for your bum!   Not only do the new [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Zia 2.0 MESH Jeans hug your curves and move with your body they also are available in 3 different styles select the perfect cuffs for your look or buy the color you want in a pack with all 3 cuff styles!

Happy Shopping ♥ Cyn

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