[Cynful] Clothing & Co. The Boobie Show – New Round

The Boobie Show started 2 days ago! o/

[Cynful] Clothing & Co. is *bouncing* with excited for a new round of The BOOBies Show to begin on Sunday, February 17, 2013! Our aptly named [Cynful] Baubie Hugger is available in 4 lace and solid colors in 4 different styles (Buttoned + Unbuttoned & Each Button Version comes in Gold or Silver) they can be worn separately or matched with something else found in the depths of your closet!

The Tango applier is included and available only at The BOOBies show so make sure to stop on by and grab the Baubie Hugger before it’s over and your girls are sad and cold!

Did you know? Almost all [Cynful] Clothing & Co Items are available on Marketplace – please click following banner to be forwarded:
Cynful banner marketplace2


Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn


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