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Hello there, Girls! <3

The [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Team has been shaking their buns at events across the grid!
Join us for some fun and fantastic fashion at FIVE events!!  

 It has been too long since we took the stairs up to the My Attic Event!
      September 21, 2013 through September 30, 2013!  

The [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Shimmy Dress made a huge splash at the last round of C88, and we decided it would be one hell of a sexy top!
The [Cynful] Shimmy Top is a new release available exclusively at My Attic at a very low price!

The Shimmy Top is available in 5 special colors and includes the Tango Appliers while it is at the My Attic Event! This top is super flirty and the special HUD that is included with each top! The HUD controls many options including the straps (on or off), how many layer ruffles (which makes the top short or long), and the multiple color combinations for the ruffles and the belt!

The Dressing Room Fusion!
September 20, 2013 through October 4, 2013

Oh yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssss!
The MUST HAVE jean of the year the [Cynful] & Lil’ Lace Bell Bottoms in three very special versions!
These jeans are incredible they hug your buns and include a sexy belt available in two different colors!
As always the items at the Dressing Room Fusion are also reduced so grab these jeans before they hit the road!

[Cynful] Clothing & Co. is also participating in the Grid Wide Hunt organized
by Depraved Promotions called “The Autumn Effect” !

More Information here: http://depravednation.com/the-autumn-effect-2-0

 And the sister Brand, CnS e-motion is participating too 😀

The Silicone Breast Implant Event!
Only a couple days left!     

Calling all of our beautifully breasted [Cynful] Girls to the Silicone Bi-Weekly Breast Implant Event! We have not one, but two beautiful items available at this event! Great things come in pairs ^^ 😛  The [Cynful] Clothing & Lil’ Lace Swag Suit has been re-released in 4 more amazing color combinations available exclusively at this event which includes the appliers!

Also, the, [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Vale’s Turtleneck Dress is availble in 5 warm autumn colors and includes the PhatAzz & Tango Appliers while at this event!  Snuggle into this dress and never give up your curves – RAWR!

The Fashion United Event began August 30, 2013!     

Get in the groove with your bad selves step into this event and make sure to clear out some space in your closet before you go because you will need it!

The [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Rocker Chic Dress has been massively popular, and for this special event we have 10 special editions available!
This super sexy mesh one piece includes a HUD to control the color of the mesh studs that line the neckline even if you are not a rocker chick puff out your chest and work the look!
While at this event the Rocker Chic dress will include the Tango Appliers!

Did you know? Almost all  [Cynful] Clothing & Co Items (except current Event Items) are available on Marketplace – please click following banner to be forwarded:
Cynful banner marketplace2


Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn


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