[Cynful] Clothing & Co. – News! <3 (10/20/14)

Hello All!

Its time for the Cynful Clothing & Co News again – this time, a little later but better then never :D!

I´ve been really busy in RL with moving, renovating and all that… which makes it hard to stay on point in sl lol but, HERE I AM!

We have a couple of Events running at this moment i defiantly want to inform you about! ♥

I´ll be starting off with the Vintage & Cool Fair 2014!

The Vintage Bow Dress is a short figure hugging sleeveless tank style dress with gorgeous bow ties all along the backline and a slimline belt with a dainty buckle.  
It comes with many color change options with 15 bow tie colors, 12 buckle colors and 12 belt colors, the Vintage Bow Dress is packed full of options so that you can accessorise whenever the mood hits.
It also comes with 2 texture options which are normal print or striped print. 

So many possibilities with this dress when you dress it up or down. Plus, you also can wear it with you Tangos, the applier is sold separately!

Now, The Dressing Room Fusion… is the only bi-weekly event [Cynful] Clothing & Co is participating in and i doubt this will change lol <3
However, the new round is about to come up on friday!

Meaning, you still have the chance to get the She Bad Denim Dress in 3 special colors for each 70L$!

Tango applier as well as Phatazz/Cuteazz sizes are included!

And then last but not least The Big Show!! <3

At this event you can purchase this time two exclusive things!

I made a couple of special colors in a Leather Texture for the [Cynful] Casual Tube Top!

Each color is hud-controlled, has 10 Sizes (5 Standard + 5 to wear with your phatazz) and the tango applier is included while the Big Show is running! ♥

But then Promise ALSO did something! A really cute and foremost SEXY tittie top! lol (Yep, she rly called it that, cause it just fits 100% rofl)

Available in 6 colors and the tango applier is included as well!

Cynful banner marketplace2


Happy Shopping,
♥ Cyn & Team


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