[Cynful] Clothing & Co. News 05/09/2015

Hello Cyners,

Boyyyyy do we got some news for you!

Alot has happened since the last news.
For starters we have been building a complete new Mainstore thats even bigger and better then before!

To make your shopping life at Cynful alot easier, we´ve put up a Teleport map which you can click to go to the desired destination.
You will find the maps on the walls that are located at the throughout the store.
You will find the redelivery terminal and the new releases, pretty much at the entrance.
Just click on the new release pictures to be teleported.

Now lets get started withthe new items 😉

Cynthia, Promise and me did a super fun thing together, we all designed a collection together which is named P.A.C.
This collection is designed as an outfit, but can be worn separately as well. So tons of mix and match options!

What items did we create? We will show you!

First of all we have the  [Cynful] P.A.C. Leather Skirt

This skirt comes in 5 standard sizes as well as in sizes for following Mesh Bodies:  
– Belleza Venus
– Maitreya Lara ( Test Size )
– Slink Physique
– and, as usual the standard sizes should work just fine with the Mesh Project body if you use, the Alpha hud!

Its available in 22 colors and can be purchased in the Mainstore as well as on marketplace.

Second P.A.C item is the [Cynful] P.A.C Top

This cropped chest displaying top is a non mesh item comes in 22 different.
Each color has 4 options. The Leather harness is the main color, which u can mix with 4 top colors
(White, Grey, Black and Tan)

Appliers are included for :


(You may need to purchase a separate script for the particular body part you want the omega applier to work for.Those can be found at the link provided below..along with information about the Omega System.)
Slink Physique and The Mesh Project

Can also be purchased on Marketplace! ♥

3rd and 4th P.A.C. item are the [Cynful] P.A.C. Chain Heels and Nails

These heels are the first of the new [Cynful] Accessory line.

The Chain heels go perfect with the leather skirt and top. But can also be worn with anything else, of course :p

These shoes come in 22 colors.

Each color is hud controlled for the Chain Metals which allows you to choose 15 different metal colors.

Just to make the whole look complete, we designed nails  in the same 22 colors as the leather skirt, top and the heels.

The nails are designed for slink feet and hands, and both huds are included

These Items also can be purchased on Marketplace. ♥

After already tons of news,  lets move on to the next items :)

Cynthia decided to update step by step some of her Creations to wear with some of the Mesh Bodies,
which are available to buy at the moment.

The first update is the [Cynful] Sexy Back Dress, it is an Add on which means
you have to own or purchase the regular Sexy Back Dress in any color already.

Second Update 😀

[Cynful] Draped Dress

This Dress comes in 15 colors and is not hud controlled. Tango Appliers are sold Separatly. ♥

If you already own a color of the dress, please make sure to use the redelivery terminal!

Both Updates work with following Mesh Bodies:

– Slink Physique

– Belleza Venus

– Maitreya Lara (Please keep in mind, this is just an Test size – so be sure to try defiantly a Demo)

Also, another information for Future updates, these will be sold as following:

  • Not hud controlled items will be able to be redelivered.
  • Hud controlled items, will be sold for a small fee as an add on.


The new Dressing Room Fusion item is up since Friday.

This round its the [Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress

The ever so cute vintage bow dress is available in 3 different colors.

It comes in 5 standard sizes, 5 curvy sizes as well as Slink Physqiue, Belleza Venus and Maitreya Lara Sizes. Tango Applier is included as well.  And all that for only L$ 70 per color.!

Phew, its a  very long news notecard this time.
But i hope you get just as exited as we are and were, while creating these items.
And we do hope, you are going to enjoy the beautiful mainstore!

So go take a look and get orientated – last but not least happy shopping,
♥ Cyn, Pro + Team

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