F.A.Q – Mesh Bodies

  • I bought a Mesh Bodies Add-On, but the Texture is just White – What can i do?

One of the reasons, why [Cynful] Clothing & Co. choose the way of selling Add-On´s:

The demand on updating recent or some of the older Items were and are still high.
To speed the process of Updating everything in a timely manner – we decided to sell the Updates (Hud-Controlled) separate for a small amount of lindens (100L$).
Which means that you have to own or purchase a color of the Item (usually the standard sizing pack with sometimes extra sizes such as Cute,-Phatazz and so on) to be able to apply the Textures within the conrol hud.However, if you already own an Item which has been updated but has no Control Hud – please visit the Re-delivery Terminal to receive the updated package.


  • Maitreya Lara (Test Size)?
    [Cynful] Clothing & Co. received the Lara file July 2015. All items created for that Body before that Time are experimental.  Please note though, we would have not released the Size if not tested on different body Shapes as well as in different animations.
  • The Belleza Size does not fit my new Body?
    Sizes called Belleza or Belleza Venus will only fit the Belleza Venus Body. Tricky Boucher, the Owner of Belleza added two new bodies to his collection around June 2015. Ever since then we inlcude sizes named like: Belleza Venus, Belleza Isis and Belleza Freya.
  • Belleza has different Breast shapes, why is [Cynful] only including one option?
    With the amount of so many different mesh bodies that come with so many different options, we might not be able to offer all the breast shapes due to the clothing type and much higher work load. So mostly we will pick the natural breast shape.

  • The Slink Physique Size does not fit my 2.0 or Higher Body?
    We did not had the updated scene until mid June 2015, therefore some of the updated slink physique body sizes might only fit with the 1.7 version. Please make sure to try the Demo.

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