F.A.Q – Appliers

  • Can’t get the Cynful Applier textures to show on your Tangos?

Step 1 – Click on your Tango’s  (you should see a menu appear on the top right hand corner of your screen)
Step 2 –  Select  <Clothing>  and then  <Tank Top>  – you should see the default Tango’s Tank Top texture appear
(selecting Dress Top and Dress Bra will work too)
Step 3 – Wear the Cynful Applier (you should see this worn on your HUD centre bottom of your screen)
Step 4 – Press the button on the Cynful Applier to apply the texture
Following the above steps will make the Cynful Applier textures show on your Tangos.

  • The applied texture does not seem to fit?

Since each shape and size of breasts are different, you may need to ‘scale’ the texture manually.

Here’s how we do it:
Step 1 – Right-mouse-click on your attached breasts, select ‘Edit’
Step 2 – On the menu that appears, choose ‘Select Layer’ (or Select Face) and then click on your attached breasts
specifically where you see the applied texture
Step 3 – Adjust the values in the ‘Repeats per face’ and/or ‘Texture Offset’ until you see a desired result
Note: Manually scaling textures requires some experience and a little bit of patience.

  • Applying Tattoos to your Tangos:

Apply the Tatt texture, detach the tangos, rezz them.
Step 1 – Rezz the Tango’s on the ground
Step 2 – Right-mouse-click and select ‘Edit’
Step 3 – On the menu that appears select ‘Edit Linked Parts’ and then select the bra mesh layer
Step 4 – Delete both textures out of the bra mesh layer and wait a minute until you see a reset message about the Tangos appear in your local chat – its important that you wait until its finished
Step 5 – Take the Tango’s back into your inventory then attach them
Step 6 – Apply your clothing layer the usual way.

Did you know?
Lola! Tango Appliers also work on the Lush 1.3 mesh breasts.
To apply the Cynful Tango Appliers to your Lush 1.3 Breasts, simply attach the Lush hud.
Lola! Push-Up Appliers work on mused, mci, ecorp and iboobs breasts.



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